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Benjamin Blümchen

Aventure/Animation, Allemagne 2002

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Benjamin Blümchen is the only talking elephant in the world who lives in a zoo in Neustadt. Since the zoo is always on the verge of bankruptcy, Benjamin Blümchen steps in and saves the zoo from going out of business. The children love him, because he is very child-friendly. The annual spring festival is prepared in the Neustädter Zoo, where donations for the zoo will be collected. But unfortunately, the mayor also plans a party on the same day to collect for his new city hall. He closes the zoo, because he wants the Neustädters to come to him. Benjamin and his friends do not want to accept that. Benjamin has an idea: "We all celebrate together in the Town Hall Square!" But that's where the problems begin.
27 min
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Réalisation :

Gerhard Hahn

Scénario :

Elfie Donnelly

Montage :

Julie Balle

Production :

Jutta Buschenhagen

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4:3 SD, Couleurs

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