Geschenkt wurde uns nichts - We Weren't Given Anything for Free

Société/Aventure, Allemagne 2014

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Annita Malavasi was 22 years old when German troops occupied Italy, which had been an ally until then, in 1943. As a partisan "Laila", she passed on information, transported weapons, moved with and between the fighting units and took part in battles herself. For over a year she was in the mountains of the Apennines fighting the German occupiers, at the same time she had to hold her own against the men in the mountain villages. Towards the end of the war, Laila was one of the few female commanders in the Italian resistance. The film tells the story of a lifelong emancipation that began with the liberation struggle against fascism. Laila and two of her comrades, Gina "Sonia" Moncigoli and Pierina "Iva" Bonilauri, tell of their time in the Resistenza and its significance for them and many other women
59 min
À partir de 6 ans
Âge conseillé : A partir de 14 ans
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Réalisation :

Eric Esser

Conception sonore :

Michael Scheunemann

Raimund von Scheibner (Sound mix)

Colja Krugmann (Sound)

Photographie :

Colja Krugmann

Montage :

Luca Reale

Production :

Eric Esser

Autre :

Patricia Fürst (Dramaturgical consulting)

Michael Scheunemann (Sound editing)

Heike Herzog (Translator)

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Non ci è stato regalato niente

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16:9 SD, Couleurs

Âge conseillé :

A partir de 14 ans

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À partir de 6 ans

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