Saison 1 | Episode 5: Der Liebesbrief

Bibi und Tina

Animation/Famille, Allemagne 2004

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Tina gets a love letter from Leon, a good-looking boy who is visiting Falkenstein. He wants to participate in the annual horse show there. His invitation to a picnic in the quarry comes at the right time for Tina, because she had a fallout with her boyfriend. Alexander also wants to participate in the tournament with his horse Maharaja. Tina is against it because Maharaja has hurt itself. When Alexander learns about Tina's appointment with Leon, he gets jealous. Bibi & Tina are trying to prevent Alexander from risking Maharajah's health. But the next morning he actually takes part in the tournament to defeat his competitors at the horse show.
26 min
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Réalisation :

Gerhard Hahn

Scénario :

Elfie Donnelly

Musique :

Heiko Rüsse

Montage :

Julie Balle

Voix :

Susanna Bonaséwicz (Bibi Blocksberg)

Dorette Hugo (Tina Martin)

Titre original :

Bibi und Tina

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Format :

16:9 SD, Couleurs

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À partir de 0 ans

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