Saison 1 | Episode 7

Bibi Blocksberg

Animation, Allemagne 1994

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Together with her friend Florian and with the help of her witch broom Kartoffelbrei, Bibi finds a dino egg on hiking day. But how can you hatch the little dinosaur? Aunt Maria knows advice: At full moon three witches from three different generations have to speak a certain spell. A small sweet dinosaur slips out of the egg. Unfortunately, the animal grows amazingly fast.
27 min
À partir de 0 ans
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Réalisation :

Gerhard Hahn

Scénario :

Elfie Donnelly

Musique :

Heiko Rüsse

Production :

Jutta Buschenhagen

Voix :

Susanna Bonaséwicz (Bibi Blocksberg)

Langue originale :


Format :

4:3 SD, Couleurs

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À partir de 0 ans

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