Beat Beat Heart

Romance/Drama, Germany 2017

True love never dies, the loving heart never stops beating ... Kerstin (Lana Cooper) believes in love with all her heart and has been waiting for the return of her ex-boyfriend Thomas (Till Wonka) for months. She made herself comfortable in sweet memories, but was interrupted when her freshly-single mother Charlotte (Saskia Vester) wants to move into her flat share. That the two women couldn't deal with their longing more differently becomes clear quickly, when Charlotte is inspired by Kerstin's roommate (Christin Nichols) to meet new men via an app and bring them home with her. As mom starts dating again, her daughter refuses to let digital reality intrude on her romantic daydreams.
87 min
Starting at 12
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Munich Film Festival 2016 New German Cinema Award

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Luise Brinkmann


Lana Cooper (Kerstin)

Saskia Vester (Charlotte)

Till Wonka (Thomas)

Aleksandar Radenkovic (Paul)

Christin Nichols (Maya)

Caroline Erikson (Franzi)

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Beat Beat Heart

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16:9 HD, Color

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Starting at 12

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