Caspar David Friedrich – Limits of Time

History/Art, France/Germany 1986

A study of German 19th Century Romantic art through the writings and paintings of Caspar David Friedrich and his fellow artist, Carl Gustav Carus. A multi-award-winning, authentic film document about the most important painter of German Romanticism: Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840). The intrigue and arrogance of his contemporaries tragically influenced Friedrich's life. Because he wanted to cross the boundaries of his time, he was misunderstood and declared "crazy" by his contemporaries, to whom his pictures appeared too revolutionary. The film shows the experiences and landscapes that inspired the painter, and at the same time portrays the intrigues that Friedrich was exposed to through his narrow-minded environment.
81 min
Starting at 6
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German Film Prize 1987 Best Cinematography
Festival on Arts Monte Carlo First Price
Festival of Films on Arts Montréal First Price

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Peter Schamoni


Hans Posegga


Helmut Griem (Carl Gustav Carus)

Sabine Sinjen (Caroline Friedrich)

Hans Peter Hallwachs (Wassili Schukowski)

Hans Quest (Ernst Moritz Arndt)

Eleonore Weisgerber (Anna Arndt)

Otto Sander (Court clerk)

Friedrich Schoenfelder (Museum Director)

Udo Samel (Court clerk)

Herbert Weißbach (Museum attendant)

Heinz-Dieter Knaup (Professor von Vogelstein)

Oliver Korittke (Saxon Prince)

Rolf Hoppe (Friedrich Wieck)

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Caspar David Friedrich – Grenzen der Zeit

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16:9 HD, Color


FBW "especially valuable"

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Starting at 6

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