Les Ondes de Robert

Country & People/Nature, France 2013

In the heart of the Ardèche countryside, Robert Episse raises goats, cows, horses, chickens and llamas. Here, there is no intensive production, but rather a kindly gentleness that respects the rhythm of the animals and the seasons. In the midst of this nature, Robert has built a world of his own: wooden huts that offer him much more than a home, a true haven of peace. However, Robert is not a hermit cut off from the world. Far from it: he loves people and their contact. It's the way they look at him and their sympathy for his "different" way of life that helps him to endure the cold of winter and to tame his impatience until the good times come. In his world of bric-a-brac huts, Robert asks us: where is the essential? A contemporary humanist tale.
53 min
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Xavier Jourdin

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Xavier Thibault


Robert Episse

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Les ondes de Robert

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16:9 SD, Color

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