Bodo Wartke & Melanie Haupt - Antigone

Drama/Music, Germany 2019

The Theban citizen Antigone practices civil disobedience against her state. This theatre film production shows the story of Oedipus ‘eldest daughter in the version by German cabaret artist Bodo Wartke. The piano cabaret artist and his long-time stage partner Melanie Haupt embody all 22 roles in a flying change. In their virtuoso performance they tell of Antigone's resistance with all due respect and yet humorously. Theatre and film enter into a completely new connection here, which gives the topicality of the ancient material an unimagined accessibility and depth. This recording presents a unique evening at the theatre. A clever use of light, and a calm stage design create space for the tragedy, in which Bodo Wartke and Melanie Haupt shine with an impressive performance.
131 min
Starting at 6
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Sophocles (Stage Play)


Bodo Wartke (Polynice)

Melanie Haupt (Antigone)

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16:9 HD, Color


FBW "especially valuable"

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Starting at 6

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