Botero - Born in Medellin

Biography/Art, Germany 2008

Fernando Botero had to fight hard for his recognition; but today his paintings and sculptures are highly regarded by people around the world. Peter Schamoni shot a documentary about his moving life on the artist's 75th birthday. Fernando Botero is immediately recognisable by his colourful and lush works. Peter Schamoni shows a Fernando Botero that is devoted to his work, to serious and profound topics, behind the cliché of the naive artist. Peter Schamoni not only accompanied Botero to Tuscany, where he made his sculptures, and to his Parisian painter's studio. The film also takes us on a trip to Colombia. Schamoni lets the viewer participate in the world in which the artist lives and works, in the ups and downs in his life. The images showing the crimes of the Americans in Abu Ghraib are unique. Peter Schamoni, who has known Botero for forty years, made the artist visible for audiences everywhere, with this cinematic and unique look into his life.
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Peter Schamoni


Baden Powell

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Botero - Geboren in Medellín

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