Arcimboldo, a portrait of an audacious man (French version)

Art/Biography, France 2022

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What if Giuseppe Arcimboldo was a painter of Modern Art before its time? With their unique style, the Composite Heads by the Milanese painter are among the most famous works from the Renaissance period. Largely forgotten after his death in 1593, he was re-discovered by the Surrealists. After them, throughout the 20th century, numerous Modern and Contemporary artists were inspired by his works. His art was in constant metamorphosis, profoundly audacious, sometimes subversive and terrifying. It puzzled his contemporaries and continues to intrigue those who see it. The film will be an unexpected dialogue between Arcimboldo’s audacities and inventions on the one hand and a selection of more contemporary works and artists on the other hand. It will provide an opportunity to rediscover this enigmatic 16th-century artist and explore his legacy.
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Benoît Felici


Pablo Pico


Nils Andersen

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Arcimboldo, portrait d'un audacieux

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Arcimboldo - Malergenie des Manierismus


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