Animation films made by kids

Stories full of imagination and a lot of humour

Imagine a group of children drawing, cutting, writing a story, recording voices... What are they doing? They are making films! In this collection, filmfriend brings together short animated films made by groups of children. Besides the quality of the films and their humour, it is very interesting to see the children's viewpoint and their way of dealing with certain subjects. Since its foundation in 1979, Camera-etc has already enabled thousands of children, young people and adults to participate in a collective production in Belgium and abroad. The collective films are made in different contexts: holiday courses, weekly workshops, projects in schools, partnerships with other associations, etc. Making a film of 3 to 8 minutes requires about 5 to 10 days of work with the participants (excluding editing, mixing and post-production). The activities are supervised by professional animators-directors, encouraging the participation of everyone at each stage of creation: writing the script, storyboarding, making the characters and sets, frame by frame animation, recording the soundtrack. Camera-etc then takes care of the editing, mixing and post-production, as well as the promotion and distribution of the short films - they are shown at international festivals!