Hanns Zischler

A silent Star of World Cinema for 50 Years

50 years ago Hanns Zischler (born 1947) played the leading role in "Summer in the City" (1970), the first long feature film by Wim Wenders. It was a film about escape movements, travel, unplanned searches and the difficulty of getting somewhere, quasi anticipating Wenders' legendary road movie "Im Lauf der Zeit", which made Zischler famous in 1976. Since then he has been one of the defining faces of auteur cinema, shooting not only with Wenders, but also with Peter Handke, Peter Lilienthal, Jean-Luc Godard, Steven Spielberg and Claude Chabrol. He made eight films with Rudolf Thome alone, including the award-winning relationship drama "Paradiso" (2000). To date, Zischler has appeared in more than 200 films, and even in his many supporting roles he sets distinctive accents. Born in Nuremberg in 1947, Zischler is not only an actor, but also a dramaturge, director, translator, photographer and essayist. His book "Kafka Goes to the Movies" (1996) set standards, and his first novel "Der zerrissene Brief" was published in 2020.